Brand Identity

Duration: 44 Minutes

In This Session, You Will Discover:

What’s your favorite brand? Don’t overthink! Just grab the first name that comes to mind.

Perhaps it’s a clothing brand, a car manufacturer, or even your favorite yoga studio. This company has earned your loyalty and your money. You keep coming back because you feel that the company’s values are aligned with yours, or the product or service speaks to you at a deeper level than competing products do.

Put simply: you’re buying into the brand.

You must be wondering what it takes to create a strong brand identity; well, this week’s lesson will help you clarify this concept.

In this lesson, you will learn:

• How to Create Your Brand?
• What is Brand Identity?
• What is Branding and why is so important for you as an artist?

Brand identity is what sets you apart; if you want to be perceived in a positive light, your brand identity must reflect who you are.

Enjoy and stay inspired!


This week’s lesson and assignment will set you on the path to creating a successful brand.

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